During Golden week, Test ride in 🌙MULLER SHOW ROOM !

Place:🌙MULLER SHOW ROOM 100−1 Yanagihara, Kuwana city, Mie tel: +81 594−27−3196 Day & time: 30th Apr. 11:00am~5:00pm 1st  May. 11:00am~5:00pm 2nd  May. 11:00am~5:00pm 3rd  May. 11:00am~5:00pm 4th  May. 11:00am~5:00pm 5th  May. 11:00am~5:00pm 6th  May. 11:00am~5:00pm Please bring following . 1) Driving license 2) my shose

8th April “BPS nakayama Cycle FESTA 2018” Test ride EVENT

8th April  10:00~16:00 Place:Nadasaki Lake side Park Address: Kitanana-ku, Minami-ku, Okayama city, Okayama  709-1201 Please apply from here Test bikes MTi64  6AL4V Titanium Road bike (54) MTi325  3AL2.5V Titanium Road bike(54) M465  465 Pure Stainless steel Road bike(52) M630  630 Stainless steel Road bike (54) ML921 Reynolds921 Stailess steel Road bike(51) MLvigore Reynolds853 Manganum-molybdenum steel Gravel Road bike … [Read more…]

11th(sun), 12th(Mon) in Feb Test ride event of WAVE BIKES shop!

11th Feb   10:00~ 16:00  Test ride 11th Feb   10:00~ 16:00   Special talk event (My particular of metallic) Place: 57 Kabuto Higashi machi, Kasaoka city, Okayama Pre. (Harada Flower shop=BRI Garden) 12th Feb   13:00~ 14:00 Special talk event (My particular of metallic) Place:WAVE BIKES Takamatsu shop read more  click here